A Secection of Ideas for Snowboard Graphics and Original Sketchbook Drawings Ⓒ.
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Snowboard Ideas

I've been lucky enough to see my work grace a few snowboards and its such a good feeling seeing the finished article. Something a few years ago I'd have only dreamed of.

Here's a gallery of mocked up snowboard graphics from over the years. Some were for Jones Snowboards, others were for small makers and some are just me playing with things I've painted or drawn, just for kicks.

Sketchbook Drawings

Working in a sketchbook is an invaluable way of exploring and developing ideas but mostly for me its about having fun. Staying curious and letting the imagination flow without thinking to much about the end result.

I used to just do a bit of a doodle on a bit of paper or sketchbook before going straight to canvas. I'm now taking a more considered approach, spending more time thinking and a lot more time drawing before taking things to canvas.

Enjoy having a look through, some of these may end up being painted others might appear in some form or other in the future.