The Snowboarder's Journal 15.2
“Its been a long held dream of mine to have my art featured in a magazine.”
― Stuart Leonard

I've been reading and collecting snowboard magazines since I started riding back in the early 90's. I've still got a fairly large collection and pick a copy up of whatever I can find on a trip. I still think even in this internet age there is something undeniable about print, it's still a great format.

So imagine if you will my excitement and yes a little nervousness at being asked by 'The Snowboarder's Journal' if I'd like to do an interview. My art and me in a magazine WOW! It was a great experience arranging and having a facetime interview. One of the great things about the internet is making the world more connected I guess. So a dream of mine since I satrted painting and painting things I thought were half decent was to be featured in a snowboard magazine. I guess I can tick that one off now.

My many thanks to Ben for the chat and capturing the essence of my snowboard art & journey so far and to Colin for the picture guidance.

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Pictured above: 'Mountain Faces'
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