Artist Snowboarder

Two threads have woven the story of my life so far, Art and Snowboarding. Though not always at the sametime. From an early age I scribbled, drew and painted going to college and pursuing this seemed a natural thing to do. It was at this time I randomly stumbled across snowboarding, a friend bringing in a homemade board to college on rare snowy day changed my life. Subsequently working in the print industry and doing the odd bit of design gave me the means to ride at the Tamworth Snowdome as much as I could. Years passed and the calling got so great I left my job packed up to do a season in Morzine (2001). Coming back to the world and readusting was interesting. Snowboarding was always on my mind, again working in the print industry paid for my riding and trips away. My creative urges found an outlet filming and editing a couple of indoor shred films documenting the vibrant Tamworth scence in the late 2000's.

After passing an instructor course years earlier I was lucky enough to work at 'The Dome' as an instructor, a time I look back on with fond memories. It was at this time I started painting and drawing again. Just having fun, exploring myself and putting my riding experiences onto canvas. Things progressed and I started selling a few pieces here and there. 
After some 4 years of teaching and meeting my future partner I took the decission to leave and get a proper job... well kinda. Working at BHX airport has enabled us to get a place of our own and for me, with the support of Lidia time to concentrate on my painting, using a spare room as my studio.

It was at a TSA Big Bang event I had a deep conversation that I'll never forget, and one I'm so grateful for. During which I was asked 'whats the dream?'. At the time much needed food for thought. I don't know if that dream will come true but some extrordinary things have happened since. I'm just enjoying the journey, staying curious and looking back ocassionaly to connect the dots.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think
I have ended up where I needed to be.” ― Douglas Adams.