Utah Air National Guard.
“As a snowbarder and artist its been a great privalige to have worked on this project.”
― Stuart Leonard

In 2016 I was asked by the Utah Air National Guard if I'd be interested in doing a painting with the view of it being used on the side of a their KC-135.

What they had in mind was a reworking of a piece called 'Walk out into velvet'. The inspiration for that painting was a snowy UK winters day a secret spot, a friend and a tune by Goldfrapp called Number 1.

I did four paintings for this project all slight plays on each other, skies, mountains etc trying to keep it a bit magical as usual. One was picked and after making some changes that I'm glad about. It was photographed and sent over to them to make the vinyl.

The final painting and 5 prints were also sent to the U.S or them to do some fundraising for charity with.

I'd like to thank Kade at the UANG as it project was here baby and my friends who stepped up again with the photography.

Above: The KC-135 in the hanger for its makeover.

Left: The original painting and the first 5 signed print editions were sent off to the Utah Air National Guard.