Jones Snowboards
Season 2017/18 snowboard proposls.
“As a snowbarder and artist its been a great privalige to have worked on this project.”
― Stuart Leonard

Early in 2016 I was asked if I'd be interested in painting some pictures for the Jones Snowboards 2017/18 range. Stoked at being asked and humbled at the opportunity of working on such an iconic brand. I set about sorting through the stunning array of images supplied as inspiration selecting the ones that appealed to me. As both a snowboarder and artist this was no easy task.

After selecting elements and doing some initial sketching I cut it down still further, painting some workings on paper to see how they sat with me.

What you see here are most of my final ideas that made it onto canvas. Finally working them up digitaly into templates so as to get the best representation as to how I thought they may have looked.

On a personal level it's been such an enjoyable process to have been involved in. I definatly feel like I developed as an artist during this period, learning so much along the way.

I'd like to thank those involved again for the awesome opportunity and faith shown in me as a relative 'unknown' in creating these pieces. For the free reign given to just go ahead and paint in my blue. Finally not forgetting some special friends who helped me out so much in the background with the photography.

The JONES Explorer 17/18 pictured right.

Pictured above: The original paintings created on canvases mearsuring W32xH40" or W81xH101cm