GreenViking Snowboards
Snowboard Craftsman.
“Art and Snowboarding have been intertwined from day one.”
― Stuart Leonard

Some years ago I sent a painting called 'Jones Hike' to Damien aka GreenViking. A mutual appreciation of ecah others craftmanship evolved and when I painted a 'Winter Ronin' a fusion of the two naturally came about.

A limited series of custom 'Winter Ronin' snowboards was released. I'm stoked to have one in my quiver, while its mainly been my dome board I really enjoyed taking it out to Morzine this winter. It rips!

After painting a portrait of 'Yoda' which was alot of fun and playing around with some board designs for kicks. Stoked on seeing the mockups GreenViking asked if we could do another colab? The thought of seeing this realised in a limited run of snowboards how could you say no?

So my many thanks to GreenViking for everything.

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Below: Original 'Winter Ronin' painting in a stunning hand made frame by GV.