Commissions & a guide

Commissions by nature are highly personal to the individual or couple. I'm stoked at being asked about an ever increasing amount of commissions, so I thought this page might be of help. The paintings on this page are a small selection of commissioned works. If your considering one please read on for details.

There are many things to consider in having a commission done, firstly is size. Where the painting is going to hang and the impact you'd like it to have link to the size of the canvas. Bellow are some sizes I commonly use.

W40x32" or W101x81cm -
A focal point sized canvas good for most walls.

W30x24" or W76x61cm - Good if you have other pictures up.
• Both sizes can be easilly shipped UK and Internationally

Subject matter? Do you have a favorite Mountain or range? Is it a riding picture or a portrait type painting? Have you seen something you'd like me to base a similar piece on? The more details pictures you can supply can only help me create the piece your after. If you'd prefer me to follow my nose let me know!

Colour is so important, do you have any colours in mind? I personally like to paint in monotones with splashes of colour. Take snap shots of what you like and supply them too. It all helps me create that special piece for you!

Prices are dependant on size, complexity and time but are usally £300 + the size of canvas and postage if required. UK postage is £25 worldwide postage is £50.

A deposit of £150 is also required, payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal.

I hope this has helped, please feel free to contact me for further information via my social media or the contact page . Thank you.

The full gallery of commissions can be found on my FaceBook Page